A moodboard is a visual representation of the desired aesthetic, style, and tone for a product, providing a shared understanding and vision among the product team.


Why do you need this

Limited Design Flexibility

Without a moodboard, it can be difficult to quickly and easily make changes to the design direction, leading to a lack of design flexibility and decreased responsiveness to user needs.

 Improved Decision Making: Moodboards help make design decisions more efficiently by visually showcasing different design elements and options, reducing the time it takes to make decisions.
Increased Productivity: Moodboards help streamline the design process by providing a visual reference and reducing the need for repeated meetings and discussions.

Inadequate Design Inspiration

Without a moodboard, it can be challenging to find design inspiration, leading to repetitive or unoriginal design solutions

Improved Visual Communication: Moodboards help visually communicate design ideas and goals to stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and improving collaboration.
Increased Creativity: Moodboards provide a space for exploring different design styles and concepts, leading to increased creativity and fresh ideas.

Lack of Visual Consistency

Without a moodboard, it can be challenging to maintain visual consistency across different elements of a product or service, leading to confusion and decreased engagement

Better Brand Alignment: Moodboards help ensure that design elements align with the brand's visual identity, improving brand recognition and consistency.
Improved Design Consistency: Moodboards help ensure consistency in design elements and style, reducing the risk of inconsistencies and improving the overall look and feel of the product.

Difficulty in Communicating Design Intent

Without a moodboard, it can be challenging to effectively communicate design intent to stakeholders, leading to misunderstandings and decreased collaboration.

Better Collaboration: Moodboards facilitate collaboration between designers, developers, and stakeholders, leading to improved communication and a better final product.
Improved Time Management: Moodboards provide a space for exploring and testing different design elements before implementing them, reducing the risk of costly changes or delays in the design process.

Key results

Inspiration and direction

Moodboards provide a visual representation of the desired style, aesthetic, and feel of a project, serving as an inspiration and direction for the creative process


By providing a unified visual style, moodboards help ensure consistency in design elements and overall aesthetic across different aspects of a project


Moodboards help to clearly communicate design ideas and expectations between team members and stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and miscommunications

Decision Making

Moodboards provide a reference point for decision-making during the design process, allowing team members to quickly and easily evaluate design choices against the established aesthetic

Business values

Improved Brand Identity

A well-designed moodboard can help to establish a clear brand identity and differentiate the product from competitors. It sets the tone for all design decisions and helps to create a consistent look and feel throughout the product.

Better Understanding of Target Audience

A moodboard can help to understand target audience preferences and design needs. This understanding can help to make informed decisions about color, typography, imagery, and overall aesthetic that will appeal to the target audience.

Faster Design Process

A moodboard acts as a visual reference for the design team, allowing for quicker decision-making and a more streamlined design process. This can save time and resources, and result in a more efficient design process.

Increased Design Collaboration

A moodboard allows for a shared understanding between the design team and stakeholders, promoting better collaboration and communication. This can lead to more effective decision-making and a better final product that meets everyone's needs.

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A visual collage of images, colors, patterns, and textures that conveys the desired look and feel of the product. The moodboard helps establish a common understanding of the design direction and provides inspiration for the design team.
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Color Palette

A curated selection of colors that are used consistently throughout the product design. The color palette helps establish a visual identity for the product and ensure consistency across different screens and interactions.
MoodboardColor Palette

Design Direction Report

A report that summarizes the design direction, including the inspiration sources, design goals, and key design elements, such as typography, iconography, and visual language. The report serves as a reference for the design team and helps ensure consistency and coherence throughout the design process.
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Design Direction Report

Tech stack

Our project managers use various tools to ensure successful working on the project, meeting deadlines, and maintaining high-quality communication with the Client.

We emphasize planning, preparation for each stage of the design process, and constant work on improving our project management style.

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Defining the project

Clearly outlining the goals and objectives of the mood board, including the target audience, tone, and visual style to be conveyed.

Research and inspiration gathering

Collecting inspiration from a variety of sources, including design blogs, websites, magazines, and other visual media.

Sorting and categorizing

Organizing the collected inspiration into categories and themes that align with the project's goals and objectives.

Selecting elements

Choosing the most relevant and impactful elements from the categorized inspiration, such as images, color swatches, typography, and patterns.

Arranging the elements

Composing the selected elements into a cohesive and visually appealing mood board that conveys the desired mood, tone, and style.

Presenting and refining

Presenting the mood board to stakeholders for feedback and making any necessary changes or adjustments based on the feedback received. The mood board should be refined and updated regularly to reflect the evolving design direction and goals of the project.

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Milestone payment

Pay step-by-step before each milestone starts. You don't need to pay 100% in the first day. Communication with project manager helps clearly understand the cost of each stage of work on the project

Design process

We have implemented industry standard Design Operation Process. Each milestone has a clear structure, expectations and deliverables.

Full transparency

Receive Figma link from day 0. See how work performs in any moment. Project Manager will report to you daily in Slack and team will perform you a demo every week.

Excellent reviews

We have 10+ years of experience and finish 100+ projects annually. We can offer you advice on product development issues

Top-notch awarded team

We create products and services that resonate and are tailored to your audience’s needs. Thanks to our skills our designs were recognized as best in UI / UX industry on Behance, Dribble, Awwards

We are ex-Software Developers

We have an extensive experience in building web and mobile applications, that's why we understand how to communicate with software development team, what kind of specifications they need, and which items will be easier to implement.

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