Usability testing

Usability testing allows for a user-centered approach to product design and development, ensuring that the product meets the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Usability testing

Why do you need this

Low adoption rate

If a product is difficult to use, people may not adopt it, leading to low adoption rates and a failure to reach desired goals

Increased User Satisfaction: By understanding user needs and behavior, usability testing can help improve overall user satisfaction with the product.
Better Design Decisions: Usability testing informs design decisions and helps prioritize features to ensure the product meets user needs.

Inefficient workflow

Without testing, it's possible that a product's workflow is inefficient or not optimized, leading to a slow or cumbersome user experience.

Faster Problem Solving: Usability testing helps identify the root cause of problems and provides data-driven solutions, reducing time to resolution.
Improved User Onboarding: Usability testing can be used to optimize the onboarding process, making it easier for new users to understand and engage with the product.

Increased support costs

Products that are difficult to use can lead to a higher demand for support, resulting in increased costs for the company.

Reduced User Confusion: Usability testing helps identify and eliminate confusion points, reducing the number of support requests related to misunderstandings or unclear instructions.
Early Problem Identification: Usability testing can identify potential problems before they escalate, reducing the number of support issues and the associated costs.

Missed opportunities for improvement

Without testing, it's possible to miss opportunities for improvement, leading to a suboptimal product that fails to meet users' needs.

Better User Engagement: Understanding user behavior and preferences through usability testing can inform engagement strategies to keep users using the product.
Better Data-Driven Decisions: Usability testing provides valuable data and insights that can inform product decisions and improve results, making design more data-driven and strategic.

Key results

User Feedback

Usability testing provides direct feedback from real users on the usability and effectiveness of a product, allowing teams to identify and address any issues early in the development process

User Insights

By observing users as they interact with a product, usability testing provides valuable insights into user behavior and helps to identify areas for improvement

Confidence in Design

By ensuring that a product is usable and effective, usability testing helps to increase confidence in the design, leading to a better end result

Improved User Experience

By incorporating the feedback and insights gained through usability testing, teams can improve the overall user experience, making the product more enjoyable and effective to use

Business values

Improved User Experience

Usability testing can identify pain points in the product design and provide insights into what users find confusing, frustrating, or difficult to use. This can inform the design team on how to improve the user experience and increase satisfaction with the product.

Increased Conversion Rates

By uncovering user struggles and roadblocks in the product, usability testing can help increase conversion rates by addressing these issues and making the product more accessible and user-friendly.

Better Product Design Decisions

Usability testing provides a wealth of information about what works and what doesn't in the product design, allowing the design team to make informed decisions about how to improve the product.

Increased Customer Loyalty

By consistently improving the user experience through usability testing, the product can build customer loyalty and reduce churn. Happy customers are more likely to stick around, recommend the product to others, and continue to use the product over time.

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Usability Test Report

A comprehensive report that summarizes the findings from the usability testing, including insights into user behavior, pain points, and areas for improvement. The report provides recommendations for enhancing the user experience and achieving business goals.
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User Feedback Videos

Videos of the users interacting with the product and providing verbal feedback on their experience. These videos provide valuable insights into the user experience and can be used to identify areas for improvement.
Usability Test ReportUser Feedback Videos

Design Recommendations

A set of recommendations for improving the user experience, including suggestions for design changes, UX best practices, and optimization strategies. These recommendations can be used as a roadmap for enhancing the user experience and achieving business goals.
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Design Recommendations

Tech stack

Our project managers use various tools to ensure successful working on the project, meeting deadlines, and maintaining high-quality communication with the Client.

We emphasize planning, preparation for each stage of the design process, and constant work on improving our project management style.

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Defining the objectives

Clearly outlining the goals and objectives of the usability testing, including what specific aspects of the product or service will be evaluated.

Recruiting participants

Finding and recruiting representative participants who match the target audience profile, and who are willing to participate in the testing.

Developing the test plan

Creating a detailed plan for the testing process, including the tasks and scenarios that participants will complete, and how their interactions with the product or service will be recorded and analyzed.

Conducting the tests

Running the tests with the participants, observing their interactions with the product or service, and collecting data on their experiences.

Analyzing the results

Examining the data collected during the tests to identify areas where the product or service can be improved in terms of usability and user experience.

Reporting and implementing recommendations

Compiling the findings into a report and presenting it to stakeholders, along with recommendations for how to improve the usability of the product or service. These recommendations should be implemented to help ensure that the product or service is as user-friendly and accessible as possible.

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Milestone payment

Pay step-by-step before each milestone starts. You don't need to pay 100% in the first day. Communication with project manager helps clearly understand the cost of each stage of work on the project

Design process

We have implemented industry standard Design Operation Process. Each milestone has a clear structure, expectations and deliverables.

Full transparency

Receive Figma link from day 0. See how work performs in any moment. Project Manager will report to you daily in Slack and team will perform you a demo every week.

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We have 10+ years of experience and finish 100+ projects annually. We can offer you advice on product development issues

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We create products and services that resonate and are tailored to your audience’s needs. Thanks to our skills our designs were recognized as best in UI / UX industry on Behance, Dribble, Awwards

We are ex-Software Developers

We have an extensive experience in building web and mobile applications, that's why we understand how to communicate with software development team, what kind of specifications they need, and which items will be easier to implement.

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