UX Audit

UX audits provide an objective and comprehensive evaluation of a product's user experience, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.

UX Audit

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Confusing Navigation

Without a UX audit, a product may have confusing navigation or an unintuitive interface, causing users to struggle to find what they need

Heatmap Analysis: Heatmap analysis involves tracking user clicks and movements on a product's interface to identify areas of confusion and areas that are being overlooked. This data can be used to inform design decisions and improve the overall navigation of the product.
Card Sorting: Card sorting is a method used to help organize information and make navigation more intuitive. Participants are given a set of cards with information and asked to organize them into categories that make sense to them. This data can be used to inform changes to the navigation and make it more user-friendly.

Poor User Experience

Without proper attention to user experience, a product may be difficult or unpleasant to use, causing frustration and decreased satisfaction for users

Analytics Tracking: Analytics tracking involves gathering data on how users are interacting with the product, including what pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and where they drop off. This information can be used to identify areas of difficulty and make changes to improve the overall user experience.
User Interviews: Conducting user interviews can provide valuable insights into what users need and what they are struggling with. This can be done in person or remotely, and may involve asking users to complete tasks on the product while providing verbal feedback. This information can be used to inform changes to the design and improve the overall user experience.

Inefficient Workflows

Without a UX audit, products may have inefficient workflows that waste time and reduce productivity, causing users to feel stressed and overwhelmed

Process Mapping: Process mapping involves creating a visual representation of the steps involved in a task or workflow. This can help to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.
Time and Motion Studies: Time and motion studies involve tracking and analyzing the time it takes users to complete tasks, and the actions they take during the process. This information can be used to identify inefficiencies in workflows and make improvements.

Lack of Accessibility

Without a UX audit, products may not be accessible for people with disabilities, causing a barrier for some users to effectively use the product

User Testing with People with Disabilities: Conducting user testing with people who have disabilities can provide valuable insights into the barriers they may face and help to identify areas for improvement in accessibility.
Accessibility Audits: An accessibility audit involves a comprehensive review of a product to identify any barriers to accessibility and provide recommendations for improvement. This can be done by accessibility experts or through the use of automated testing tools.

Key results

Improved user flow.

With UX Audit service, we identify areas where the user flow is not intuitive and provide custom solutions for improving the overall user experience of your product.

Increased conversion rates.

Our team will help you increase conversion rates. A concise digital product design makes it easier for users to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or filling out a form, which leads to more conversions.

Enhanced Brand Image.

A professional and polished UI/UX design enhances a company's brand image and establishes it as reliable and trustworthy. As a result, you will increase brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Improved usability.

By identifying and addressing usability issues, a UX audit helps make your product or service more user-friendly, resulting in a better user experience for your target audience.

Business values

User-centered Design

A UX audit helps to ensure that the product is designed with the end-user in mind, taking into account their needs, behaviors, and motivations. This leads to a more user-friendly and effective product.

Improved User Experience

The UX audit helps to identify and fix any usability issues, providing a better and more seamless experience for the user.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

By improving the user experience, a UX audit can lead to increased customer satisfaction, which can translate into repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Increased Efficiency

By identifying and fixing usability issues, a UX audit can make the product more efficient and easier to use, saving time and resources for both the user and the company.

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UX Audit Report

A comprehensive report that summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of the current user experience, including insights into user behavior, pain points, and areas for improvement. The report provides recommendations for enhancing the user experience and achieving business goals.
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User Flow Diagrams

Visual representations of the user journeys and interactions, including key touchpoints and decision points. These diagrams help identify potential friction points and areas for improvement in the user experience.
UX Audit ReportUser Flow Diagrams

Design Recommendations

A set of recommendations for improving the user experience, including suggestions for design changes, UX best practices, and optimization strategies. These recommendations can be used as a roadmap for enhancing the user experience and achieving business goals.
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Design Recommendations

Tech stack

Our project managers use various tools to ensure successful working on the project, meeting deadlines, and maintaining high-quality communication with the Client.

We emphasize planning, preparation for each stage of the design process, and constant work on improving our project management style.

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Define the scope of the audit.

Before starting the audit, it's essential to define its scope and objectives. This step includes identifying specific areas of the product or service that will be evaluated, as well as the goals and objectives of the UX Audit.

Gather and analyze data.

The next step is gathering and analyzing the product or service data. The team conducts user interviews and surveys, analyzes website analytics data, and reviews existing design and user experience documentation.

Identify issues and problems.

The next step is identifying any issues or problems affecting the user experience based on the data gathered and analyzed. This step includes usability issues, accessibility issues, or other problems causing users frustration or difficulty.

Develop recommendations.

Recommendations usually include changes to the user interface, user flow, or other product or service aspects.

Prioritize recommendations.

Implementing all of the recommendations at once may not be possible, so it's important to prioritize them based on the impact they will have on the user experience.

Implement and test recommendations.

Finally, the recommendations can be implemented and tested to ensure that they effectively improve the user experience. Our team conducts user testing or gathers user feedback to see how the changes have affected the user experience.

Our Befefits

Milestone payment

Pay step-by-step before each milestone starts. You don't need to pay 100% in the first day. Communication with project manager helps clearly understand the cost of each stage of work on the project

Design process

We have implemented industry standard Design Operation Process. Each milestone has a clear structure, expectations and deliverables.

Full transparency

Receive Figma link from day 0. See how work performs in any moment. Project Manager will report to you daily in Slack and team will perform you a demo every week.

Excellent reviews

We have 10+ years of experience and finish 100+ projects annually. We can offer you advice on product development issues

Top-notch awarded team

We create products and services that resonate and are tailored to your audience’s needs. Thanks to our skills our designs were recognized as best in UI / UX industry on Behance, Dribble, Awwards

We are ex-Software Developers

We have an extensive experience in building web and mobile applications, that's why we understand how to communicate with software development team, what kind of specifications they need, and which items will be easier to implement.

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“The communication, level of designers and developers, management — everything is on a high level.”

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